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Obsolescence Protection & Your Company’s Phone System

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Obsolescence Protection & Your Company’s Phone System

Technology moves fast – keeping up with the latest industry-standard telecom technology can be a challenge for businesses of any size. For small businesses, however, it can prove especially difficult and costly. At the same time, ensuring that your workforce can communicate as effectively as possible both between teams and with clients is necessary for maintaining productivity and protecting your bottom line. This is why considering obsolescence protection when you choose your telecom provider is absolutely essential. To learn how providers like  TSC VoIPintegrate obsolescence protection into your phone systems, read on!

Look for Hosted Back-End Service

Software updates and improvements happen all the time. With a hosted back-end service (as provided by TSC VoIP), we can automatically upgrade our customers to the latest software feature sets. This enables your provider to ensure that your phone system has the most current functionality. On top of that, it vastly improves your cybersecurity, as you will get the most advanced safeguards against external threats.

Don’t Forget about Hardware Upgrades

Alongside software upgrades, improvements in phone hardware are developed all the time. With a provider like TSC VoIP, you will receive an upgraded telephone instrument with the newest models for free when you sign on. In addition, we will periodically provide upgrades to this hardware. If your provider doesn’t account for obsolescence protection in this manner, then you will be playing catch-up before you even start.

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TSC VoIP offers bespoke communications solutions, including free telephone hardware, access to our mobile & desktop applications as well as access to our obsolescence protection plan. TSC VoIP serves businesses in Westchester County, Rockland County, Fairfield County, and the New York Metropolitan area. 

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