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Business SMS

Texting is a vital part of business communications. It is fast and easy and allows both internal and external communications to take place in real time. TSC VoIP offers a perfect SMS solution through our Unified Communications platform. Allow your sales and marketing teams to maximize conversions. Increase retention while improving productivity and revenue. Start taking advantage of our feature rich & intuitive texting service. Read more about our Business SMS features below.

  • Send and receive messages to and from extensions, 10-digit local, or long-distance numbers
  • Message colleagues, clients, and departments with a business identity — even from personal devices
  • Reply to an incoming message from a mobile app, desktop app, or by email
  • Text seamlessly across devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • Collaborate more effectively by communicating in a single text thread
  • Send and receive images, videos, and files
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