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Frequently asked questions

Yes, absolutely. When you sign up with TSC VoIP, we will work with you to port your number onto our platform. Other than us gathering some basic information from you, the process is seamless on your end.
Yes. We were always perturbed by having to fill out contracts, long term agreements and other obligatory arrangements in order to make a telephone call! Couple those encumbrances with the horrible technical support, and we were beyond dismayed. Our service requires no contract and no obligation on your part. If you’re not satisfied with the service, send back your free telephone and cancel the service.

Technology changes fast. Under the old business telephone service model, you would spend a fortune on an on-premise telephone system and watch it age and then have the pleasure of spending more money to unlock the newest features. Those days are gone. We offer a hosted back-end service, thereby allowing us to automatically upgrade our customers to the latest software feature sets. In addition, we upgrade your telephone instrument with the newest model. All free to our customers.

Yes, with every line purchased you will receive a corresponding free VoIP compatible device. 

Independent analysis has shown that a VoIP phone system is less expensive than traditional analog landlines. In the majority of cases, VoIP offers twice the call quality and costs up to 65% less than PBX systems.

Additionally, VoIP service includes rich features like unlimited calling nationwide, toll-free numbers, auto attendants, voicemail transcription, call routing and others.

Switching to TSC VoIP will help stretch your business communications budget further than ever before.

Yes you can switch back at anytime with no fees. We will even pay to have you lines ported back.
Yes, we have apps for both iOS and Android.
High Speed Internet service is required to take advantage of all of the features and benefits TSC VoIP service provides. But not to worry, if you do not have internet service already, we can help you get internet with a reputable provider.

If we still didn’t answer your question, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 914-483-3500 or info@tscvoip.com

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