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Helping Small Businesses Work Remote During the Pandemic


Helping Small Businesses Work Remote During the Pandemic

Almost every business has had to adapt in significant ways during this pandemic to survive. From providing PPE to employees to providing support for employees working remotely, it can be especially challenging for small businesses to maintain their day-to-day operations with the same efficiency as they did before. Thankfully, with today’s technology, small businesses can be just as – if not more – productive with a remote workforce. One of the most critical ways to accomplish this is with an integrated cloud phone system. Read on for some insights about implementing such systems in small businesses from the experts at TSC VoIP.

Gain extra flexibility and mobility. With a cloud phone system, workers can easily switch between their smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desk phones at will, allowing them to stay conveniently connected throughout the day. This allows employees to create their own workflows while remaining in full communication with the rest of the team.

Remote workers and office staff share the same phone system. Some of your employees may need to remain in-office if their duties simply cannot be performed remotely. No worries – a cloud phone system can help both remote and in-office staff stay as connected as though everyone were in the office together.

Improve security and viability. Cloud-based phone systems have enhanced cybersecurity capabilities, enabling you to better protect sensitive information. At the same time, such systems have extra visibility into your workforce’s productivity, helping you gain better insight into how you can improve your business.

Cloud-based phone systems are just one way a small business can enhance their remote capabilities. They’re made even better when they involve no contract or commitments. For more information about these systems or other UCaaS services, call 914-483-3500 for a free quote or contact TSC VoIP online today!

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