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UCaaS Redundancy: Critical for Business


UCaaS Redundancy: Critical for Business

When a company’s telecom services experience downtime, it can be disastrous. Communication with clients and between teams breaks down or halts altogether, hurting both productivity and your bottom line. If you are looking for a new telecom provider, it is essential to understand why that offer in terms of UCaaS redundancy. In layman’s terms, how will your provider account for technology failures and minimize (or avoid) downtime? Read on to learn more about UCaaS redundancy from the experts at TSC VoIP!

Georedundant Networks

No technology is completely free from issues. However, systems like the georedundant network utilized by TSC VoIP can maximize uptime to 99.99% by implementing failsafe measures. TSC VoIP utilizes a georedundant network with three server nodes placed throughout the country. This means that should a primary server fail, your phone system will automatically switch to the next available server. This failover service is present in the phone itself, making this switch seamless and practically foolproof. On top of that, our network utilizes an nShare mesh, meaning that each server has total access to the information present in the other servers. No matter what happens, your phone system will behave as expected and your information will be safe.

The Difference Between Active-Active & Active-Spare

These georedundant nodes are known as an active-active server configuration. Should a server experience downtime, the “backup” server is already active, ensuring that you experience no downtime in your phone service. Although other providers may also advertise UCaaS redundancy, they may utilize an active-spare server configuration. In an active-spare setup, the system has to switch to the spare when issues arise – a sometimes lengthy process that can be dependent on how fast your provider works behind the scenes. On top of that, their networks may utilize an externally-hosted load balancer that can become another point of failure, sometimes causing hours or even days of downtime.

For maximum uptime and communication quality, choose the georedundant network provided by TSC VoIP. To inquire about our no contract/no commitment services, call 914-483-3500 for a free quote or contact TSC VoIP online today!

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