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5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Phone Technology

Many organizations have switched to a work from home and remote access model as a result of the pandemic. This in turn has promoted many changes in internal corporate structures as they implement VoIP or Cloud Phone systems. Here’s why it might be time to upgrade your old phone technology.

WFH and Remote Access

Your business is transitioning to a digital environment, most likely e-commerce, but you’re already seeing an increase in the number of work from home jobs. You’ll also need to make sure that your clients have access to some core systems. Your existing infrastructure is resource-intensive and costly to maintain.

Costly Equipment Upgrades Are Needed

The WFH and remote access connections require new and improved security software and hardware to regulate them. Perhaps your company’s website requires an overhaul in order to increase its online presence. They have both financial and resource implications.

Using an MSP will pass on the equipment and software expenses, as well as their assistance when it comes to preparing for the Cloud migration. 

Support Resources Are Needed Elsewhere

You need tools to remodel the website and help you transition to the new CaaS system. They might be supplied on-site, but they are presently supporting the old VoIP and apps environment.

If you wish to use a MSP to implement your new CaaS systems, you may do so without disrupting your existing operations.

Updated Disaster Planning

There is a high risk to company stability if the online systems fail for any reason, as well as a significant chance that your Internet connection will be lost. A transition to the Cloud implies that services will be available at all times. It’s also necessary to have backup connections with your MSP.


The transition to an online existence is, in most cases, only the beginning of a number of business transformations that will take place over the next several years. Moving to the Cloud now will allow you to tackle those future problems without requiring major changes in your internal infrastructure.

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