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Cloud Dial Tone

Fintech businesses of all sizes will benefit from installing Cloud Dial Tone services, offered by TELECOM VoIP.   

Cloud Dial Tone is a Secure, Resilient, and affordable option when adding access to the public switched telephone network to your trading turret, ecosystem.  


  • There is no need to own and operate expensive on-premises PBX when everything can be hosted in the Cloud. No more upgrades or costly maintenance contracts. 
  • We can port in your existing telephone number(s), or we can purchase new telephone numbers in almost any area code in the USA and Canada. 
  • We offer Cloud Dial Tone service in the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Europe, and in Australia.
  • Barging in is a feature that traders and brokers frequently requestIt is a tool they use to bridge other broker(s) to collaborate. Call and email us today to start saving with our Cloud Dial Tone service. 

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